2016 Nomination Committee Members

The Apptix Nomination Committee members for 2016 are:
Jon Schultz
Fredrik Stenmo
Richard Urbanski
The committee can be contacted via nomination@apptix.com.


Shareholder Policy

The Board of Apptix is dedicated to treat all shareholders and the  investor market as a whole, equally and to provide accurate and relevant information on a regular basis. It is an objective to give the  shareholders a competitive return on their investment, primarily through increased value of the company's shares.

Investor Relations Policy

Apptix works actively to keep the market as a whole updated about the company’s business, increase knowledge about the company, and to attract interest among analyst and investors. This work includes participation in various investor seminars, one-to-one meetings, road shows, quarterly presentations of financial results, dedicated conferences and media seminars.

Corporate Governance Policy

Apptix’s Corporate Governance policy is intended to ensure appropriate division of roles and responsibilities between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the executive management. Apptix emphasizes the importance of adhering to corporate governance principles and supports the principles set out in the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. Compliance with recognized corporate governance principles is part of the company’s corporate values and ethical guidelines.

Dividend Policy

While the company is not paying dividends at this time, the Board will continue to reevaluate whether to pay a dividend on an annual basis and will continue to base its decisions on the Company’s potential future long-term capital requirements relating to research and development, investments and acquisitions, dilution management, and legal and business risks faced by the company.

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